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Kernelis Innovation was founded in 

by two Ph.D in Science. 

Kernelis Innovation

Kernelis Innovation was founded in 2000 by two Ph.D in Science. Their extensive training in mathematics, as well as in physical and chemical sciences combined with their experience of more than 20 years in the regulatory sectors of drugs, medical devices and cosmetics production, has led them to design many digital products in order to best serve their customers.

Responding to the increasing complexity of regulatory systems and the blooming of documentary systems, Kernelis Innovation developed a disruptive digital solution built on a unique mathematical model that provides unparalleled results that our customers leverage to manage their activities related to Risk, Security and Compliance matters.

The expert system Iniscient is the flagship of Kernelis Innovation.

Our leadership team

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A new partnership for the benefits of our clients

In 2020, Kernelis Innovation formed a strategic partnership with the ELCA group, a renowned Swiss IT company, to further elevate Iniscient and provide its exclusive added value to new customers and new industries.


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